Center Square School welcomes approximately 234 Prekindergarten, Kindergarten and First Grade students daily from Logan Township.  The school was opened at its present location in 2001.  Our Prekindergarten program is half day with an AM and PM session.  The program is tuition-based; however, for students who qualify for our free and reduced program, tuition is free.  Our preschool uses the state-approved High Scope Curriculum.  Teaching Strategies GOLD is used in our Prekindergarten classrooms.  This tool provides an electronic portfolio for students in the areas of: social emotional, language, physical, cognitive, literacy, mathematics, science and technology, social studies, the arts and English Language Acquisition.   We also have a Preschool Disabled Program (PSD) for students who are classified under special education.  The PSD program is half day as well.  Logan Township School District accepts out-of-district tuition students in Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and First Grade.

The Kindergarten program at Center Square School is full day.  Each Kindergarten class has a classroom aide.  Our First Grade classes have a 2 hour classroom aide.  The Kindergarteners’ and First Graders’ academic day is highlighted by our Language Arts Balanced Literacy program.  The Literacy program includes:  Guided Reading, Shared Reading, Reader’s Workshop and Writer’s Workshop.  This school year, we will be utilizing the Being a Writer Program in Kindergarten and first Grade to support students in the area of writing.  Our English Language Arts Curriculum is aligned to the Common Core Standards.

The Mathematics program at Center Square School is being provided this year by the Envisions resource.  Envisions will be utilized in Kindergarten and First Grade.  This resource gives students the opportunity to have concrete experiences in the area of mathematics.  Our Mathematics Curriculum is aligned to the Common Core Standards.

At Center Square School, we continue to utilize Positive Behavior Support In Schools (PBSIS).  PBSIS is a systems approach to effective and positive behavior support for all students.  PBSIS utilizes a broad range of systemic and individualized strategies for achieving important social and learning outcomes while preventing problem behaviors.  PBSIS includes a continuum of strategies for achieving desired social, behavioral and learning outcomes.  The program strives to prevent challenging behaviors and teaches alternatives to those behaviors.  PBSIS is an effective method for enhancing students’ social-behavioral skills and it creates a positive school climate.

Logan Township School District’s Positive Behavior Support In Schools Team collaborated to create district-wide behavior expectations which are:

            We “PAWS” to be…Safe, Kind, Respectful, Responsible, The Best We Can Be.

The expectations are further expanded on in the following environments:

·         Classroom

·         Hallway

·         Bathroom

·         Cafeteria

·         Playground/Recess

·         Arrival/Dismissal

·         Bus

·         Everywhere/All the Time 

Students are recognized for meeting the expectations in the environments through receiving verbal praise, “PAWS” ticket, selecting a prize from the treasure box and school wide activities.  Students can receive a “PAWS” ticket from a teacher, staff member and/or bus driver.

Center Square School recognizes the importance of diversity.  Our students in Kindergarten and First Grade have a weekly Italian Language Lesson.  The students learn about the culture and customs of Italy.  In addition to Italian, all of our students are exposed to special areas consisting of:  Art, Music, Technology and Physical Education. 

Logan Township School District’s Board of Education provides a tremendous amount of support to Center Square School.  All of our classrooms are equipped with Smartboards.  In addition to the Smartboard, each classroom has 6 computers comprised of laptops and desktops for Kindergarten.  First Grade utilizes 5 chromebooks to support technology in the classroom.  iPads are utilized in the classrooms as well to support small group and differentiated instruction. 

Finally, at Center Square School, we are extremely fortunate to have parent volunteers in our school.  Our parent volunteers assist in our classrooms by providing our students and teachers with support.  Also, our Home and School League provides financial support for assemblies and special projects for students.  The Center Square School community which includes students, parents, teachers, administration and township citizens, proudly share in the achievement and development of all of our students.


Mrs. Beverly Green

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Last Modified on September 9, 2015